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Manpower Development And National Content Promotion

Created to offer niche solutions for the nascent oil and gas sector in Uganda and the wider East African Petroleum Province

Manpower Development And National Content Promotion

Capital-intensive projects succeed or fail on the back of their human resources. The enormity and complexity of work during the development phase of oil and gas resources in Uganda will call for a well equipped workforce. Studies project that up to 13000 direct jobs will be created by the upstream development, Crude Oil Refinery and East African Crude Oil Pipeline Projects in Uganda.

Pros Recruit has positioned itself as the leading Talent Recruitment and Development partner for the industry by offering, among others: Recruitment services, Training and Certification, National Content Advisory services and bespoke Expatriate HR Services.

We are able to offer the above premium services due to our strategic partnerships with industry-leading training providers and accreditation organizations, as well as companies that have grown to appreciate the quality of our services.

Training courses are tailored for complete novices as well as professionals in the industry who wish to undertake continuous professional development.

Both technical courses (Geology, Geo science, Petroleum Engineering, Petro physics etc) and business support oriented courses (Project Management, Risk Management, HSE Management, etc) are offered.

Our clients include: IOC’s, Service companies and Government agencies in the oil and gas space