About Us

Who We Are

ProsRecruit was founded by a team of Human Resource professionals passionate about reinforcing the value of the human resource capital to create competitive strength and strategic advantage for your organization.

That is why we have built our business model around knowing your recruits, to ensure your potential recruits are who they claim to be, can do what they claim to do, and have been where they claim to have been. Leaving you to focus on nurturing and building your team into organizational leaders.

At ProsRecruit, we help you strengthen your human resource capital, one hire at a time promoting a safe and profitable workplace.

Our Vision

To enable our clientele to hire the right person the first time.

Our Mission

Recruit future organizational leaders by providing world-class staffing solutions within the local context.

Our Values

Our relationships with our clients and candidates are key and governed by our values and principles that drive our business strategy, our behaviour and our relationships both internally and externally. We operate every day espousing the following principles:

  • Integrity: We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.
  • Collaboration: We work closely as team and share knowledge with our clients and candidates.
  • Loyalty: We are faithful to the promises, responsibilities, commitments, undertakings to clients and candidates with a clear understanding of the urgency of their needs and expectations.

Why You Should Hire Us

  • Our database of over 1000 pre-screened candidates is comprehensive and maintained up-to-date.
    Because we proactively screen our candidates even when they may not be seeking new employment
  • Our team which is highly skilled in gathering back ground information on candidates.
    Because this is our area of speciality, our business model is centred on the pre-screening process of the hiring process. That informs our teams’ specialist qualifications and experience.
  • Available tools – Application Tracking Systems, Psychometric tool.
  • Our extensive networks.
  • Flexible and entrepreneurial style.
  • We take time to understand the client and organizational needs, beyond request for a CV.

Ultimately we accelerate your hiring process, reducing costly mistakes. With ProsRecruit, you will hire the right person the first time, more often.