Q: What are the main advantages of using a recruitment firm?

A: Recruitment firms save you time and money. They will simply send you candidates for interview rather than having to sift through CVS.


Q: How much do recruitment companies cost?

A: This varies depending on the agency and nature of business. In the majority cases a recruitment firm operates on a “no win-no fee” basis meaning you only pay if the vacancy has been filled.


Q: How often are new jobs posted on the website?

A: New vacancies are posted regularly, please check frequently.


Q: Can I send a normal CV or there is a specific format?

A: You can send a CV in Microsoft Word or PDF Format. No scanned copies will be allowed.


Q: Can I send a CV by post?

A: Yes you can submit a CV by post.


Q: When can I expect an invitation for an interview?

A: The time taken to invite applicants for an interview depends on the number received for the particular vacancy notice.


Q: Do I pay to get registered or even after getting a job?

A: No. The service is free of charge.